The Rosca de Reyes tradition

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Come and enjoy the “rosca de reyes “ with the delicious and authentic flavor of Mexico and learn the origins of this tradition.

Even though we know the history of the “Three Wise Men”, found in the Bible: The wise men saw a star in the Orient and followed it, since this was the sign the birth of the Messiah promised, it was not only a Hebrew tradition it was also a tradition in other cultures as well.When the wise men arrived at the Belen Portal they found a newborn baby wrapped in diapers, that was recognized as the Messiah, the son of God.

They offered him gifts: Gold for his royalty, incense for his divinity and myrrh for his sacrifice.

As to the “Rosca de Reyes”, during the Middle Ages in France and Spain, they started to prepare a “rosca” with figs and fruits to commemorate the Day of the Kings, not all the recipes are the same they change according to the region where prepared.During the Spanish Conquest of Mexico this tradition was brought by the Spaniards and acquired the characteristics of the traditional “rosca de reyes” recipe.

Inside the dough a kings thread doll that represents God’s Child and is hidden as a symbol of the runaway of Jesus, Joseph and Mary.

Be ready to taste the delicious “rosca” that we prepare with the necessary ingredients and the authentic flavor of Mexico such as yeast dough, anise, sugar and cinnamon, with the touch of being adorned with the strips of paste, figs, cherries and crystallized fruit  and certainly  with a cup of hot chocolate. Bon appetite!

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