The Margarita

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!De Juárez para el Mundo!

Most of us know the history of the Margarita, herein we tell you a bit more to have a better understanding.The Margarita was invented by Lorenzo Hernandez bartender that worked for more than 50 years at The Kentucky Club  one of the oldest and famous bars in Ciudad Juarez, when a couple was visiting and the husband asked Lorenzo to prepare a special drink that would bear his wife’s name. That is how the famous margarita was created and became popular amongst their clients.This is one of the most requested cocktails at Morra Mia, its flavors: lime, mango, pineapple or coconut with eggnog, amongst others, makes it one of the preferred drinks since is prepared with natural products with a special Mexican touch!

A potent cocktail, refreshing and very tasty. Is a drink that include sweet, salty, spicy and sour ingredients you can drink it by itself or while savoring a guacamole or some delicious tacos!Enjoy a margarita at Morra Mia. Cheers!