Pan de Dulce Mexicano

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“Pan de Dulce” is known in Mexico as the bread that is made with sugar or other sweet ingredients. It is an art and its bakery masters keep the tradition of baked goods that have been enjoyed by Mexican families for centuries.
A curious fact is that the Mexican Bakery is recognized as one of the most creative in the world and it counts with around 1200 varieties of baked goods.
In Morra Mia we bake daily following original recipes, to bring some of the most popular breads to your table.  Here you will find the traditional Orejas (pastries in the shape of “ears”), colorful garibaldis, panques etc using only the best quality ingredients.  As for our Conchas or Esponjas as they are known in our northern region.
We have upgraded the traditional recipes and played with the ingredients to bring to you original flavors such as Cafe de Olla and as spring comes Matcha.
A wonderful way that you can have your premium conchas in Morra Mia, which adds another modern touch to them, is to spread them with creamy Mascarpone, bake them for a bit to achieve some cozy warmth and drizzle with local honey for extra joy and happiness.
Keep the tradition of gathering around the table with loved ones with pan dulce and a rich Mexican hot chocolate or Cafe de Olla to warm up the hearts of everyone!