Our story began around 7 years ago with the entrepreneurial desire to bring something new to El Paso.  As other creations, it went through many ups and downs before the right formula came together.  The ideal chemistry happened when a group of life-long friends decided to combine their talent, years of experience and passion for great food and service to create a totally innovative Mexican restaurant + bar concept.  Something that our beloved city, filled with Mexican restaurants, had never seen before.

Morra Mía Barrio Kitchen + Drinks is a fresh, fun and modern bi cultural concept with a vibrant atmosphere filled with music + videos. Our menu is the result of the perfect marriage between the historic tradition of Mexico’s world heritage cuisine* and the latest trends that have given a bold new meaning to Mexican food in major cities in the US.

Our menu consists of a wide variety of dishes, prepared with fresh ingredients and made from scratch to let the quality of our products shine. Our bar also offers original, eye catching drinks prepared with fresh juices for excellent flavor.  Our baker masters complete the culinary experience by baking all of our baked goods every day to delight our guests.

Morra Mia was created to give our ALL to our guests, making it a priority to top all of this off with a very friendly service and the “added value” that comes from serving generous portions at a competitive price.

As business owners, we have put our passion for extraordinary hospitality and our love for the El Paso community to make sure this carefully designed concept delivers to everyone that visits us a wonderful experience. BUEN PROVECHO!

Somos Familia


We specialize in traditional Mexican food from Central and Southern Mexico (Puebla, Jalisco, Mexico City, Yucatan); so, you will notice different flavors, ingredients and “sazón” than what you are probably used to here in El Paso where most restaurants specialize in Mexican cuisine from the northern part of the country. We invite you to give it a try.  Different is good!!